Why Muay Thai king Rodtang Jimungnon converted to Islam

Rodtang before and after getting married

Rodtang the famous Muay Thai king with the nickname (Iron Man) has converted to Islam. In February 2023, after he got married to his wife Aida he officially announced that he converted to Islam. For those of you who don't know Islam, Islam is a powerful religion and Muslimare the followers of Islam

Rodtang competes as One Champion and has won one flyweight Muay Thai World Champion. Growing up as a kid in Thailand was hard for Rodtang. Rangtang's family was just surviving every day.

To help his family, Rodtang started to train himself and practice every day. He started his Muay Thai journey when he was only 7. He was a little shy when he started his journey. But as time passed, he started to gain more confidence, and he took part in his first professional Muay Thai Championship when he was 10 years old.

What are fans saying after his conversion:

What are fans saying after Rodtang conversion:

What are fans saying after Rodtang conversion:

What are fans saying after Rodtang conversion:

What are fans saying after Rodtang conversion:

What are fans saying after Rodtang conversion:

After that tournament, he changed! Rodtang became famous for his aggressive and powerful stride. Fight After the fight, Rodtang started dreaming about becoming a World Champion.

In 2018, Rodtang participated in his first One Championship. Rodtang's first match in the One Championship was against Sergio Wielzen, and he was able to defeat Sergio with a unanimous decision.

His final match was against a British player, Jonathan Haggerty. Rodtang defeated Jonathan by unanimous decision and obtained the title for the One Flyweight Muay Thai World Championship.

Muay Thai king Rodtang (Iron Man)

Rodtang had to defend his title at the time, and he was able to do so by defeating all of them. In 2022, Rodtang was defeated via submission by Demetrious Johnson.

At the age of 25,
Rodtang has won over 270 times. Rodtang's nickname, Iron Man," was given to him because of his frenzied stamina and aggressive strikes. Rodtang's pain endurance without showing any weakness is astonishing.

Many people think
Rodtang can fight for hours without getting tired. In 2023, Rodtang will face Mexican fighter Edgar Tabares to defend his title.

Rodtang once said, "Every fighter here has to prove itself against me: This is One Championship's biggest stage, and I am One's biggest superstar!"

Outside of fighting,
Rodtang is a very humble guy. His soft heart won millions of people's hearts. Rodtang has officially spoken about his marriage and the conversion.

Rodtang said "I want to have a family and live a peaceful life. I started my fighting journey when I was only 7, and now I'm too tired. I want to have kids and live a peaceful life."

Rodtang also added, "I want to have kids and enjoy a couple's life. And if I can, I will have my own gym for our next generation of fighters. Of course, since I have a family now, I must have more grit. And I have an explicit goal of being a role model for my children. I want them to see their dad as their idol".

We wish him a happy married life and the best of luck for his future.
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